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'Bio-Base', Ø2500 Tank Range to EN.12285-1
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Reprinted from 'Insite' Magazine, Issue No.60, Autumn 2013

Nothing much ever changes in the tank market, does it? or is that really so?

What has changed considerably over the past few years are the types of fuel that are being stored underground and the attendant issues that these fuels bring with them. There are few in the industry who cannot be aware of the problems and issues caused by the introduction of bio-fuels, whether it be water contamination, phase separation, algae and all manner of problems to plague fuel storage in general.

Hands up how many forecourt operators have not been plagued by blocked filters causing the slow running of dispensing pumps?

How many have not had problems where a grade change to a tank has not resulted in the new fuel scouring the tank wall and introducing debris into the fuel.

Problems are opportunities

Cookson & Zinn have been proactive in addressing many of these problems by looking at tankage design in an attempt to resolve some of these issues. For many years now, our expertise in manufacturing high quality fuel storage tanks for the aviation industry has meant that producing tanks with high specification internal epoxy lining allied to tanks installed with a deliberate slope. These tanks set us thinking that somewhere in this design could be feature that could be brought to the standard underground tank to great effect.

A number of years ago now, we had developed the award winning BaseFrame tank which incorporated a built in installation frame – and it wasn’t long before we realised that combining this concept with our aviation expertise would give us a potential solution to some of these problems.

And so it was that that BioBase was conceived. Incorporating the quick and easy tank installation aspects that the BaseFrame afforded, adding a tough and effective internal lining, incorporating a pre-defined slope to the installation frame, and rounding the job off with an internal evacuation pipe to the low end of the tank to make life easier for all our tank servicing friends, has given us a product that has really made the market sit up and take notice.

Many sites – and not just those in the retail sector – are now looking at the types of fuel they are storing today, and more importantly, those that are going to be coming along over the next few years, and are taking the words “future-proofing” seriously.

BioBase is now a recognised product that has attained a significant profile in our portfolio of tanks and manufacture, and represents a large proportion of our requests for quotations. Many may not know what we call the tanks – but know that …..”it’s the sloping one with the internal lining”……….it is called BioBase.

Remember the name….. Cookson & Zinn BioBase.

by John Reynolds (Sales Manager - Special Products)


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